Healthy Release In Writing

This post has nothing to do with beauty but more to do with health and wellness. It is healthy to talk about and release emotions and thoughts. We all have our own ways of processing life experiences, for me writing is my release. Not many know writing is my release as it has been shared with very few individuals but I have many poems, quotes and thoughts written and saved over the years. More recently I have started writing rhymes. My rhyme writing skills are still a bit of a work in progress, so don't judge me.  The rhyme I am sharing has been a tremendous release and it enabled me to process feelings which have been holding in for some time. I hope you enjoy it. I feel a bit nervous sharing such a private side of myself but maybe someone can appreciate it and relate. 

Actions and reactions reveal our reflection
show we care through connection
Others perceive and receive us
believe in us and learn how to treat us
There's no deflection from the aversion
to life's immersion therapy so
choose your next step carefully
 maybe we'll be treated fairly
Rarely do people change, rather disengage
than account for their own rate of exchange
Shocked to be found on a firing range
becoming wounded by crossfire
pointing blame for what's transpired
Let our thoughts lift us higher
we must conspire toward a rebound
Are we still lost or are we found?
Life can be a battlefield or playground
It's our choice in all we voice
so choose wisely and play nicely
more precisely don't be ruled by vices
Think twice before our next caption
leading to a chain reaction
a force of gravitational attraction
 show passion through compassion
In all factions we must be asking
are we living life to satisfaction
if we can't get none then we run
initially for fun or are we escaping a legacy
Face our identity or become our own worst enemy
History's repeating in a lifestyle of retreating
it's ourself we're defeating instead live life with integrity
because what we do presently becomes our destiny

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